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Jorge Masvidal is ready for a run in the WWE

LockerRoom Team
Calendar Icon08 August 2023

Jorge Masvidal made the decision to retire from his illustrious career in mixed martial arts. Despite stepping away from the octagon, the former UFC star continues to maintain a prominent presence in the sport. Most notably, he recently bestowed the BMF belt upon Justin Gaethje during the conclusion of UFC 291, showcasing his enduring passion for the competitive world of fighting.

Not one to be confined to a single discipline, Masvidal is considering venturing into the realm of boxing, where he could continue to entertain audiences with his extraordinary skills. Additionally, he has expressed an interest in exploring opportunities with WWE, provided the conditions and offer align with his vision.

“If the shoe fits, wear it. I’m very busy, but if the compensation makes sense, then let’s do it. If the WWE wants a savage like me, then sign me up. I’ll go over to WWE and domesticate those guys,” Masvidal said.

Notably, in the fall of 2021, Masvidal briefly made an appearance for AEW, where he recreated his iconic flying knee maneuver that had led to the memorable knockout of Ben Askren, this time in the company of Chris Jericho.

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As a former UFC star, he gained widespread recognition for his devastating knockout victories and thrilling performances inside the octagon. Beyond his impressive fighting abilities, Masvidal's charismatic personality and genuine passion for the sport have earned him a dedicated fan base. He continues to leave a lasting impact on the MMA community, even after his retirement, with potential interests in boxing and professional wrestling. With a rich legacy and ongoing ventures, Jorge Masvidal remains an influential and captivating figure in the realm of mixed martial arts.


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