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Jon Jones suggests Supernatural forces help him to win, says Magic in MMA is real

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Calendar Icon06 July 2024

The MMA community was amused when Jiri Prochazka suggested that Alex Pereira might be channeling mystical forces during his fights. However, Jon Jones, the renowned UFC fighter, has stepped forward to affirm the reality of such phenomena.

Recently, Pereira surpassed Jones in the UFC's official pound-for-pound rankings. In the past, such an event might have prompted an outburst from Jones, as seen in 2020 when Khabib Nurmagomedov took the top spot. However, demonstrating maturity and wisdom, Jones has chosen to address the matter differently this time.

Jones took to social media to express his thoughts, saying, "There has been a lot of talk about spirit channeling and magic in MMA lately. This stuff is all very real. I felt all types of weird energies walking into those arenas. Looking certain opponents in the eyes. I want to let you all know that Jesus Christ is king, he is and always will be undefeated. Every knee shall bow."

As Jones prepares for his highly anticipated bout against Stipe Miocic, he hopes to experience those same energies. The fight is set to take place at the upcoming UFC event at Madison Square Garden in New York City on November 9, according to Jones' recent Instagram post: "The red corner, my office. #Nov9th."

Speculation abounds regarding Jones' future in the sport. While he recently hinted at 'crazy' options that might extend his career, there is widespread interest in a potential matchup against the formidable Alex Pereira, often dubbed the 'Magic Man' of the UFC. Despite his longstanding reluctance to face interim heavyweight champion Tom Aspinall, Jones' recent comments suggest a possible interest in Pereira.

In a recent interaction, Prochazka appeared to accuse Pereira of harnessing the magic of his Pataxó tribe. However, Pereira clarified his stance, stating, "I never touched witchcraft in my life. I’m a man of God the same way as you are so do not get it twisted."

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This ongoing discourse about spiritual and mystical elements in MMA only heightens the intrigue surrounding a potential clash between Jones and Pereira, leaving fans eager to see who would emerge victorious.



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