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Joilton Lutterbach calls out BRAVE CF champion Eldar Eldarov for a title fight

LockerRoom Team
28 August 2022

BRAVE CF Super Lightweight Dark horse Joilton Lutterbach has aggressively pleaded with the champion Eldar Eldarov to allow him a shot at the title. Since he decisively defeated former top contender Marcel Grabinski of Germany, Lutterbach has been waging a "Give me Eldarov" campaign.

And yesterday, Lutterbach once more pleaded with Eldarov on Instagram to mount a title defence alongside the German-Brazilian.

“I'm still waiting for you (Eldar) Eldarov. I know that it is not up to you, of course, you need to talk to the BRAVE CF matchmakers, and they need to say whether the fight makes sense or not. You can say yes, or you can say no, but please, don't run away,” said Lutterbach via his Instagram platform.

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When Lutterbach unexpectedly stepped in to replace Vadim Kutsy at BRAVE CF 61, he ruffled the proverbial feathers of the Super Lightweight class. He faced Marcel Grabinski, the number one contender at the time, who was slated to go up against Eldarov next. But Lutterbach had other ideas, and in the BRAVE CF 61 main event, he triumphantly overcame Grabinski.

After Lutterbach stopped his opponent in the first round after only two minutes, he gave a post-fight speech that inspired his "Give me Eldarov" campaign.

“This last fight of mine on the latest BRAVE CF fight card, I fought against the guy who was set to fight you (Eldarov) for the title , and then I beat him, and I did it in impressive fashion, too. “It was not on points … It was a TKO victory, I knocked the guy out within two minutes, so I deserve to fight for the title, but first, Eldarov, you need to say whether you want to fight against me or not!”

Eldarov has already commented on one of Lutterbach's older social media posts, but he has not formally declared that he is interested in engaging in combat; instead, he has only threatened Lutterbach with the following: "I'll eat you alive, amigo, Be careful what you wish for,”.

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With a record of 13 wins and just one loss, which was to the legendary Khabib Nurmagomedov, Eldarov is one of the most well-known members of the BRAVE CF and one of the most admired athletes and trainers in the world. Lutterbach believes he is the one who can unseat the powerful Eldarov, though.

"I am aware of you. I respect you. You are a good wrestler, you have a good ground game, but you only want to fight against strikers. You fought against Brazilian guys and all those guys were just strikers, but I am a striker, I am a grappler, I am a wrestler … I am the complete fighter, and I know that I will pose a major threat for you, Eldarov. Mark my words, you won't be able to do anything against me,” Lutterbach said.

Lutterbach is a seasoned combat athlete with a remarkable 36-10 record in mixed martial arts. He has won two K-1 championships and six international MMA championships across multiple divisions. His background in wrestling and grappling is also unmatched.

“The least you can do is answer me, but please, don’t run away, man, let’s make this fight happen. Everybody wants to see this fight! Just give me a date and I will be ready. I guarantee that you won’t be ready for me, but I am waiting for you! If you don't want to fight me … just say no, if you want to fight … just say yes. Lutterbach got so excited and worked up during his video post, he started questioning Eldarov’s intelligence due to his lack of communication regarding this fight. “Please, don't go silent on me, say something. Maybe you don't know how to talk, maybe you are not so clever, but please, say something!”

There are many top fighters competing for a chance to become the champion in the BRAVE CF Super Lightweight class right now. Both Cleiton Silva of Brazil and Mihail Cotruta of Moldova finished their respective battles in the first two rounds at BRAVE CF 60 last month, making strong arguments for why they should be considered for the crown.


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