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Jessica Andrade Considers Legal Action Against Former Coach Gilliard Parana

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Calendar Icon06 July 2024

In April, Jessica Andrade announced her departure from the PRVT team and her decision to stop working with longtime coach Gilliard Parana. Now, Andrade may take further action by filing a lawsuit against the MMA veteran.

During an interview with UFC Fight Pass, Andrade hinted at undisclosed issues, stating that “many things happened” that she couldn’t reveal at the time. Parana announced his retirement as a coach and stepped down as the leader of PRVT in the same week. Andrade recently shed more light on the situation in an interview with Ag. Fight.

“There were some situations, both financially and, I think, of integrity,” Andrade said. “I thought he was something in my life and then it became something completely different. He’s always said he was like a father to me, and then I found out the things he had done to me, things that a father definitely wouldn’t do.”

Andrade did not elaborate on the specifics of her allegations but mentioned that money supposedly owed to her by Parana “isn’t with me, but with other people — and I don’t even think he has it, he’s probably thrown it to some other people.” She indicated that she will “probably” file a lawsuit against him.

“I can’t say much, I have to wait for things to happen,” Andrade said. “I think he’s a bit worried because he’s been asking around a lot about me, asking what I’m saying about him. I’m not saying anything but the truth, but I think people will really understand what’s going on down the line. I’ll be able to sit down and talk to everyone about what really happened.”

According to Andrade, Parana charged her 30 percent of her fight purse. Additionally, she had to cover the costs of her coaches during training camps, which led to financial difficulties. In 2018, Andrade sold her UFC gear to make ends meet, and in 2023, she fought five times in one year to cover the costs of her divorce.

Andrade was still under contract with Parana when she defeated Marina Rodriguez at UFC 300 in April, but she claims the coach sent her a message saying he wouldn’t ask for the 30 percent. Andrade has since agreed to face Natalia Silva on September 7, as reported by Ag. Fight, though the contract is yet to be signed.

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“What [Parana] was able to take from me is already gone,” Andrade said. “I hope I can get it back one day, but I don’t know if he can sleep at night. I know I can, but I’m not so sure about him.”


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