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Jarrah Al Silawi talks PFL MENA Championing Opportunities, Representing Jordan

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Calendar Icon11 July 2024

As Jarrah Al Silawi prepares to headline PFL MENA 2 in Saudi Arabia, the Jordanian MMA star takes a moment to reflect on the significance of the PFL MENA concept, his advice for young fighters, and the pride of representing his country on a major stage.

Al Silawi believes that PFL MENA's presence in the region is a significant boost for both athletes and fans. "PFL's presence in Saudi specifically and in the region, I think, is also a great push for all us professional athletes as well as the fans for them to be able to really engage with the sport," he explained.

Representing Jordan at PFL MENA 2 is a source of immense pride for Jarrah Al Silawi. "It's a huge responsibility. I am a Jordanian fighter, and it's important for me to show that we can do well, not just as Jordanians but also as Arabs. We can put on very, very good fights," he expressed.

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With a wealth of experience in the sport, Jarrah Al Silawi is keen to offer guidance to aspiring fighters. His advice is rooted in focus and specialization. "Focus on the things you can improve and really try to specialize in one thing. Don't try and specialize in everything; that never really works. You need to be good in everything but exceptional in one thing," he advised.

Al Silawi's participation in PFL MENA 2 is not just about personal achievement; it is about uplifting the entire region. "I hope that all the Arabs that are partaking in this tournament have great fights and do exceptionally well," he added.


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