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Jarrah Al Silawi Ready to Shine at PFL MENA 2, talks league format and preparations

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Calendar Icon11 July 2024

Jordanian MMA fighter Jarrah Al Silawi is set to headline PFL MENA 2 in Saudi Arabia, bringing a wave of anticipation to fans and fighters alike. With rigorous preparation and a focused mindset, Al Silawi is ready to showcase his skills on one of the biggest stages in the region.

Al Silawi has left no stone unturned in his fight camp leading up to PFL MENA 2. "The camp so far has been going great. I've been focusing on all aspects of the fight across boxing, wrestling, and Jiu-Jitsu, and I feel very well prepared for this upcoming tournament," Al Silawi stated.

The league-based format of PFL MENA presents a unique challenge for fighters, and Al Silawi is enthusiastic about the opportunities it offers. "It's actually a really great strategy. It gives more fighters even more opportunities, and I think it's a very fair and balanced way of doing things in a league format," he explained. This structure not only levels the playing field but also encourages fighters to bring their best to every bout.

Despite the differences in format, Al Silawi maintains a consistent preparation strategy. "For me, a fight is a fight, regardless if it's in a league or just a single fight. I prepare for every fight as if I'm fighting the absolute toughest guy in the world," he emphasized

The PFL MENA league is known for its competitive roster, and Al Silawi is acutely aware of the challenges ahead. "Because it's a tournament, there's technically only eight fighters, so I assume at some point I'll be fighting any one of them. Everyone is in camp, everyone is preparing hard, everyone wants to win," he noted.

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Fans eagerly awaiting PFL MENA 2 can expect high-level competition and thrilling bouts. "I expect that they are going to see some really high-level fighting with athletes who've been preparing for months at this point. I think it's going to be a fantastic show," Al Silawi concluded.


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