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WATCH: Jade Masson Wong shocks everyone with her face off attire

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Calendar Icon02 March 2024

Jade Masson-Wong shocked everyone with her face off attire ahead of her fight at BKFC.

Excitement mounts as BKFC Fight Night Prospects Edmonton draws near, with all eyes eagerly anticipating the headline bout featuring Jade Masson-Wong and Gabrielle Roman. Scheduled to take place at the River Cree Resort and Casino in Enoch, Alberta, Canada, this event holds great significance for both fighters and fans alike. Following the conclusion of the weigh-ins and fighter faceoffs, the stage is now set for what promises to be an unforgettable clash.

Jade Masson-Wong and Gabrielle Roman represent the emerging talent in the rapidly expanding world of bare-knuckle fighting. With their demonstrated skill, resilience, and unwavering determination for victory in previous matches, anticipation is high for an explosive encounter. Beyond personal glory, this bout signifies a pivotal moment for both fighters to solidify their positions as formidable contenders in BKFC's growing roster.

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Their journey to this juncture has been characterized by relentless training, meticulous strategy, and a steadfast dedication to their craft, elevating this match to a must-watch event for combat sports enthusiasts.

You can see the video below.


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