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Israel Adesanya could have mental problems, says Sean Strickland

LockerRoom Team
11 October 2023

Sean Strickland continues to bask in the glory of his triumph over Israel Adesanya, marking one of the most significant upsets in MMA history. The two fighters clashed in the headline event of UFC 293, with Strickland entering the octagon as the largest betting underdog in middleweight history.

In the lead-up to the fight, Strickland engaged in relentless trash talk aimed at Adesanya. His verbal onslaught included taunts about Adesanya's involvement in a commercial where he claimed to be Chinese.

However, the trash talk reached a new level when Strickland unearthed an old video showing Adesanya inspecting his deceased dog's genitals.

This resurfaced video stirred controversy in the MMA community and fueled Strickland's verbal assault on Adesanya, who appeared visibly affected.

Following his loss to Strickland, Adesanya approached him in the cage, expressing his displeasure and pleading with Strickland not to disrespect his family, particularly referring to his deceased dog.

Speaking on his Man Dance Podcast, Strickland shared his perspective on the post-fight interaction, stating, "He looks at me, and he's like, 'I would never make fun of your family,' and I'm like, 'Izzy, I don't know your family, bro. I don't know if you have siblings. I don't know fk about you. This is after the fight. He starts pointing at his neck, and he's like my fking dog man, my dog.'"

Strickland went on to express concern about Adesanya's well-being, stating, "So, bottom line, Izzy, dude, I think the guy needs some help... Izzy, it's starting not to be funny anymore because as I'm starting to understand Izzy and his love of his dog, peanut butter and all, I'm starting to realize that, like, he could have some form of mental retdation, like there's something fking wrong with this guy."

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