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Israel Adesanya reveals that he plans to visit India soon

LockerRoom Team
26 April 2023

UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya could be on his way to India. Adesanya, who recently got a huge win over Alex Pereira at UFC 287 was part of an Instagram Q & A today and during the same one of the fans asked Israel about dancing to Indian music.

“I’ve seen you dance. Can you do Bollywood dance? I’m from India,” the user asked Adesanya on the Q & A.

The Middleweight champion responded positively to the request and noted that he sure can copy the Bollywood dance. He also added that he is planning to visit India this year or next year.

“Yes, I’m sure I can copy it well. I will deff be coming to India this year or next,” Adesanya replied.

Adesanya also shared tips to people who asked him questions. When a person asked him about true happiness, Adesanya had the following to say.

“Attaining peace. Learnt that from my home Jamie. Learning to be happy where I’m at life, being content and grateful while still striving to get and be better in every way. Enjoying the journey and not only looking at the destination. Being truly present that’s happy,” Adesanya noted.

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Adesanya also added about his must-do in life and emphasized on the importance of travelling.

“Travel, even in your town or country. But go live somewhere else and learn, taste, and feel the culture. You may not like certain things of other cultures but you will still learn for trying. Also give, don’t do it to get something back. Give more even if its just your time. That’s the most valuable gift,” Adesanya added.

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