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This is my Eminem moment: Israel Adesanya out to prove how great he is

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Calendar Icon06 April 2023

Israel Adesanya is all set to rematch with Alex Pereira at UFC 287. The former UFC middleweight champion is out to prove how great he is with the fight.

In fact, Adesanya is not happy with the fact that most people have a goldfish memory. People are overlooking the achievements of Adesanya.

“Not many people get the opportunity to show how great they are, to rise to the occasion when all the odds are stoked against them and people are counting them out. And for me, this fight, I feel like the underdog. I feel like everyone is counting me out. I feel like because of the result of the last fight, goldfish memory. They forgot what I’ve done in this game. It’s time to remind people how great I am.”

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He went on to add that he is the protagonist in the story which is on-going.

“It’s spanned across years, across two different combat codes, across different countries. The history of matches between Alex. Even in the way that, in his head, he’s the protagonist. In my view, I’m player one. I’m the protagonist, he’s the antagonist,” he added.

He also added that it is going to be his Eminem moment.

“I’m just doing so much better in life. He kept on trying to chance what he already had. He got to this point and I made it easy for him to get to the title. I didn’t make it easy for him to get the title, but to get to the title because he already had that win over me in kickboxing. He dodged the gauntlet. … Now this is the point where I’m down two fights in kickboxing, one fight in MMA. I’m down three. This is in very movie, that one shot. This is my Eminem moment, my ‘8-Mile’ moment: ‘You get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow. This opportunity comes one in a life time.’ This is it for me,” he added.

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