BRAVE CF 63: Ismail Naurdiev vs. Marcin Bandel represents a clash of generations

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14 October 2022

Athletes from a variety of age, backgrounds, and experiences are represented on the combat roster of the BRAVE Combat Federation. And this month's BRAVE CF 63 main event, which pits Austria's Ismail Naurdiev against Poland's Marcin Bandel for the vacant BRAVE CF Super Welterweight title, will show off not only youth vs. experience but also natural skill vs. perseverance.

These two athletes' interactions have a variety of fascinating dynamics. Naurdiev is a young striker with exceptional takedown defence who is also a natural in front of the microphone and commands the stage when given the chance. The Austrian WonderBoy is his stage name because of his achievements inside the cage, which have led experts to hail him as a phenomenon.

Naurdiev, who is only 26 years old, already has a commendable 22-5 record in matches. He has so far engaged in battle on more than seventeen main cards, highlighting both his draw-card prowess and dynamic fighting style. He has a 12-KO/TKO record, with two of those victories earning him "Knockout of the Night" honours.

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Naurdiev has two championship matches under his "belt," so he is also familiar with what it is like to compete for a title. When he was 20 years old, he competed for the first time in a title match and won a local championship through first-round submission. At BRAVE CF 50 last year, he was given another championship assignment but lost to current Super Welterweight champion Jarrah Al-Silawi.

Marcin Bandel, an older, less showy, and more restrained opponent, will compete against Naurdiev at BRAVE CF 63. In reality, Bandel turned 33 earlier this month. With a record of 21 victories, seven defeats, and one draw, the guy known as "Bomba" is a genuine fighter's fighter. He has competed in over 14 promotions around the world. After winning the German Middleweight title in 2013, he is familiar with the experience of competing for a championship.

Additionally, he has won two accolades for "Submission of the Night" for his superb grappling abilities. He had a lengthy 12-fight winning streak at one point in his career. He may not be known for his wild knockout stoppages, but he is a true master of the submission move, having finished 18 of his fights with chokes, bars, hooks, and locks.

Bandel has faced many challenges throughout his career, but because he is from the old school, he has always gritted his teeth and persevered. He returned to his main focus after experiencing a brief downturn in 2018 and 2019, losing back-to-back fights.

Being a national champion in ADCC and a second-degree black belt in Jiu Jitsu, he focused on his grappling by competing in submission-based events, which helped him regain his confidence. After regaining his composure, he embarked on a three-fight winning streak, with his last two victories occurring in BRAVE CF. His ranking as the third-ranked Super Welterweight athlete on BRAVE CF was assured by his most recent victory over Luis Felipe Dias.

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The vacant BRAVE CF Super Welterweight title and the chance to become the best 175-pound athlete on the planet will be on the line-up at BRAVE CF 63 between these two athletes, who couldn't be more dissimilar in any aspect.


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