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Daniel Cormier compares Islam Makhachev to Dwayne The Rock Johnson

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Calendar Icon27 March 2024

Daniel Cormier, former UFC champion and renowned MMA analyst, has urged UFC Lightweight Champion Islam Makhachev to embrace his role as a dominant force in the division, drawing parallels with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's recent WWE return.

In a recent YouTube video, Cormier emphasized the importance of Makhachev embracing his blunt and direct personality, characteristic of many Dagestani fighters. He encouraged Makhachev to adopt a persona akin to "the evil empire," citing The Rock's current portrayal in WWE as an example of successful villainy.

"Look, he’s very blunt, a lot of the Dagestani’s are…. They’re very blunt, they’re very direct… I would steer into that as a champion, I would try to become the evil empire…’The Rock’ right now is doing it in WWE," Cormier asserted.

Highlighting a recent social media interaction between Makhachev and fellow fighter Dustin Poirier, Cormier praised Makhachev's blunt response, indicating the potential for effective trash-talking to bolster his image.

Joining Cormier in this sentiment is MMA personality Chael Sonnen, who echoed the call for Makhachev to embrace his personality more and transition into a villainous role within the division.

With Makhachev positioned as a dominant force atop the lightweight division, Cormier and Sonnen believe that embracing the role of the villain could elevate Makhachev's presence and further solidify his status as the fighter to beat in the division.

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As Makhachev continues his reign as UFC Lightweight Champion, the advice from Cormier and Sonnen underscores the importance of crafting a compelling persona to complement his undeniable skill inside the Octagon.


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