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Grand Masters to Conduct OSM Level-1 Seminar and Muay Thai Khan Grading in India

LockerRoom Team
20 September 2023

In a groundbreaking initiative, Grand Masters Dr Chao Wathayotha and Kru ID from the "International Federation of Muaythai Associations- IFMA," the sole Muay Thai association recognized by the International Olympic Committee, are set to conduct the first-ever International Instructors Certificate Seminar (OSM LEVEL-1) and Muayathai Khan grading in Thrissur district, Kerala, India, on November 17, 18, and 19.

This historic event marks the first time that Thailand's Grand Masters, representing IFMA, will bring their expertise and knowledge to India, offering a unique opportunity for aspiring Muay Thai practitioners and enthusiasts in the region.

The International Instructors Certificate Seminar, known as OSM (One Standard Muaythai), is a part of IFMA's commitment to developing a modern educational system for individuals involved in Muay Thai, including athletes, coaches, managers, and support staff. The system encompasses various proficiency levels tailored to the experience and skills of participants.

While OSM delves into the technical aspects of Muay Thai, it also covers a wide range of courses in diverse domains, including Mai Muay, Luk Muay, Wai Kru, Ram Muay, Anti-Doping, Fitness, Physiology, Psychology, Sports Injuries, Nutrition, Ethics, Safeguarding, and History. Each course is divided into two modules, theoretical and practical, and is led by educators and Ajrans who are experts in their respective fields.

Upon completion of the courses, all participants will receive official certification as IFMA coaches, managers, or ranked athletes, adding credibility to their Muay Thai expertise.

The IFMA Cultural & Heritage Commission, dedicated to preserving the cultural heritage of Muay Thai, comprises esteemed Thai masters who provide practical and theoretical training modules. For other subjects, academic speakers are invited from IFMA's partners, including WADA, ITA, IOC, and various other organizations that acknowledge IFMA's contributions to the sport.

In collaboration with WADA, IFMA has made it mandatory for all coaches and athletes to complete the ADEL online courses as complementary requisites for obtaining the OSM certificate.

OSM is designed as a continuous educational system with specific training tracks and timelines. The Level 1 certificate represents the introductory stage, while Level 2 is intermediate, and Level 3 is reserved for experts in the field. This comprehensive program ensures the development and recognition of Muay Thai expertise worldwide.

The forthcoming OSM LEVEL-1 seminar and Muayathai Khan grading in Thrissur, India, present a remarkable opportunity for Muay Thai enthusiasts to enhance their knowledge, skills, and certification in this time-honored martial art. The event promises to be a milestone in promoting Muay Thai and its rich heritage in the region.

The event is led by the President of Kerala State Muay Thai Association Binu Joseph and people can register for the seminar by contacting 9946007505.


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