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I got ovaries: Ailin Perez calls out Kayla Harrison after UFC 302 win

LockerRoom Team
02 June 2024

After her win at UFC 302, Ailin Perez has called out Kayla Harrison for a showdown. 

In a closely contested bout, Ailin Perez emerged victorious against Joselyne Edwards, securing her third consecutive win in the UFC. The fight, which lasted the full 15 minutes, showcased Perez's grappling prowess and tactical acumen.

Throughout the match, Perez effectively utilized throws and takedowns to dominate positions on the canvas, though Edwards demonstrated resilience by frequently reversing these positions. The highlight of the fight occurred in the second round when Perez landed a precise spinning backfist, knocking Edwards down. Despite the significant strike, Perez was unable to fully capitalize on the moment.

Ultimately, the judges unanimously scored the fight in favor of Perez. With this win, the Argentinian fighter has rebounded from her initial UFC loss and now holds an impressive record of 10-2.

After the win, she called out Kayla for a main event showdown.

“I got some big ovaries. ... I want to prove I can do this in five rounds” she noted. You can see the video below.

What are your thoughts on the call out? Let us know in the comments below. 


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