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Nothing sexier than woman using power tools: Fans react to latest video of Holly

LockerRoom Team
07 March 2024

In a recent Instagram video, former UFC bantamweight champion Holly Holm displayed her woodworking talents as she embarked on a DIY project to construct a mini kitchen island. The video showcased Holm diligently using power tools to craft the island, accompanied by the caption: "Mini kitchen island part 1."

In the caption, Holm detailed her vision for the project, explaining that the island would feature shelving for storage on one side and space for two counter-height stools on the other. She also revealed plans for sanding and painting in the next stage of the build, with green emerging as the clear fan-favorite color choice in a voting poll.

Expressing her passion for woodworking, Holm described the therapeutic nature of woodwork projects, especially during her training camps. She acknowledged the limitations of working on the project only when she's not in training, noting that the process might take longer than usual but promised to share updates as soon as possible.

Fans reacted enthusiastically to Holm's DIY endeavor, with comments pouring in to praise her skills and admire her versatility. One fan exclaimed, "Man, swear to god, I love this girl. " Another commented, "Ain’t nothing sexier than a woman that can use power tools, and then kick some ass if necessary."

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Amidst her woodworking pursuits, Holm is simultaneously preparing for her upcoming bout against Kayla Harrison at UFC 300. The event marks the promotional debut of Harrison, a former PFL fighter known for her dominance in the lightweight division.


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