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FULL FIGHT VIDEO: Heather Hardy returns to boxing with an impressive win

LockerRoom Team
09 March 2023

Last week, former world champion Heather Hardy went back to Sony Hall in Manhattan's Times Square to face Taynna Cardoso in an eight-round lightweight contest.

After the opening bell, the 5-1-0 Cardoso attempted to tie up the Brooklyn native, but the 23-2 Hardy got out to a quick and aggressive start. You can see the fight video below. The fight of Hardy happens in the last part of the video. 

Despite Cardoso's willingness to trade, Hardy began her attack in the second round even though it appeared that the body shots were already wearing Cardoso down. In the third round, the combatants traded blows. Both women had a hard time keeping up with the rapid pace.

Hardy continued to advance aggressively in the fourth. Nevertheless, former Olympian Cardoso wasn't in New York to suffer defeat. It was a thrilling battle.

Although Cardoso was making some accurate shots, Hardy's Jack Dempsey impression appeared to be working in his favour. In the fifth, Hardy's velocity eased a little bit, allowing Cardoso to land successfully. Cardoso started putting her punches together in the sixth as Hardy advanced.

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By the seventh, Hardy had her second wind. Cardoso was game, but Hardy simply seemed more energetic and perhaps stronger than her courageous foe.

Cardoso went hard for the win in the eighth, but Hardy – clearly exhausted – was determined to keep attacking and swinging. It had become a grueling affair. The final seconds saw both women firing away at each other.

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In the end, the judges decided that Hardy had won by a majority.


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