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He is a special human being: Israel Adesanya praises Alex Pereira

LockerRoom Team
29 April 2024

The long-standing rivalry between Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira continues to captivate fight fans, with the UFC middleweight champion recently sharing his thoughts on their history and potential future encounters.

Having faced off twice in kickboxing and twice in mixed martial arts, Pereira currently holds a 3-1 advantage over Adesanya in their four clashes. However, Adesanya secured a decisive victory in their most recent MMA bout, delivering a devastating knockout against Pereira.

In a candid interview with Demetrious Johnson, Adesanya expressed admiration for Pereira's skills and character. "He's a special fighter," Adesanya acknowledged. "He's a special human being. What he's done in this game, in fighting, and for his life as well, I'll always respect him. I'm grateful for those moments because, for me, it taught me so much about myself and where I can go."

Reflecting on their contentious history, Adesanya dismissed criticisms of their past fights, particularly the controversial decisions. "People, they're so f*cking stupid," Adesanya remarked. "First fight in China, I thought I won. These casuals don't. These plebs don't. I thought I won. Even he thought I won until he got his hand raised."

Adesanya emphasized his personal growth and determination to overcome Pereira, especially after their encounters in New York and Miami. "I just knew that I can beat this guy," Adesanya asserted. "It wasn't about proving it to anyone else. It was about myself. I know I can beat this guy."

Looking ahead, Adesanya hinted at the unlikelihood of facing Pereira again, citing his limited career timeline and desire for new challenges. "I'm 34, man. I've only got a certain amount of fights left," Adesanya explained. "Why am I going to fight the same guy however many times? I just want to prove to myself."

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As speculation mounts over a potential rematch between Adesanya and Pereira, fans eagerly anticipate the next chapter in this compelling rivalry, which has defined a significant part of both fighters' careers in combat sports.


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