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Irish Fighter Gerard Burns Signs Multi-Fight Deal with BRAVE Combat Federation

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Calendar Icon18 February 2024

Gerard Burns, a promising fighter from Ireland, has recently joined the ranks of BRAVE Combat Federation's Flyweight division. The talented athlete, trained at the Fight Academy, has secured a multi-fight contract with the esteemed MMA organization following an impressive debut at BRAVE CF 80 in December.

During his debut at BRAVE CF 80, Burns made waves by delivering a stunning knockout victory over Hussain Ayyad. This remarkable performance marked his first fight outside of European soil and instantly garnered attention, silencing the Bahraini crowd and establishing Burns as a force to be reckoned with in the Flyweight division.

With his sights set on championship glory, Burns aims to become the first-ever Flyweight world champion for BRAVE Combat Federation. Despite previous challenges that have hindered the division's pursuit of a titleholder, Burns is determined to break what has been perceived as the "Flyweight curse" and bring home the inaugural belt to Ireland.

In his own words, Burns stated, "I know that there’s no world champion right now for BRAVE CF in the Flyweight division. I’m your guy. I promised I would bring back home to Ireland a world title and I’m going to hopefully fulfill that promise!"

As Burns joins a competitive Flyweight roster featuring top contenders such as Flavio Queiroz, Edilceu Alves, Marciano Ferreira, Zach Makovsky, Bidizina Gavashelishvili, and Muhammad Idrisov, the stage is set for thrilling matchups as fighters vie for the prestigious BRAVE CF Flyweight championship. With his determination and skill, Burns is poised to make his mark within the BRAVE Combat Federation arena, captivating fans with his journey towards championship glory.


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