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GAMMA and Chinese Wushu Association Collaborate to Strengthen Martial Arts

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Calendar Icon08 July 2023

In an effort to enhance collaboration and promote martial arts development, President Engelhardt, alongside Annie Li and Zhang Jutao representing GAMMA China, met with Zhang Lei, Head of Sport Development for the Chinese Wushu Association. The objective of the meeting was to assess the unique requirements of each organization and identify areas where they can work together to harness the immense popularity of MMA in China.

While MMA already enjoys significant popularity with numerous promotions in existence, the focus moving forward is to establish proper governance structures, standardize rules and regulations, and create clear pathways for athletes. Additionally, the emphasis lies on ensuring the highest levels of education for refereeing and judging, vital components for the sport's growth and integrity.

“China is a fantastic country for combat sports and having the opportunity to meet with the Wushu federation has been extremely valuable” said Alexander Engelhardt.

“There is a clear vision for the sport in the country which includes the goal of integrating MMA into the school and university structure as well as creating regular GAMMA tournaments and training courses. I would like to thank our hosts and we look forward to working closely in the future to bring this vision to life,” he added.

Strengthening collaborations with key organizations in Asia forms an integral part of GAMMA's comprehensive strategy. The partnership extends to working with entities such as the recently established Asian Mixed Martial Arts Association (AMMA), with the ultimate goal of making MMA accessible to all individuals in the region.

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In light of the recent announcement regarding the inclusion of Mixed Martial Arts in the African Games, GAMMA President Alexander Engelhardt embarked on a trip to China last week. The purpose of his visit was to engage with representatives from GAMMA China and the influential Chinese Wushu Association to discuss the progression of Mixed Martial Arts within the country.


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