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Felipe Lobo wants to knockout Jonathan Haggerty

LockerRoom Team
04 February 2024

The anticipation is reaching a boiling point as Felipe “Demolition Man” Lobo gears up for a colossal clash with Jonathan “The General” Haggerty in the main event of ONE Fight Night 19 on Prime Video, scheduled for U.S. primetime on February 16. This highly anticipated matchup presents the Brazilian with a golden opportunity to snatch the ONE Bantamweight Muay Thai World Title from Haggerty, a rivalry that has been simmering for almost a year.

Lobo's journey to the title challenge began last April at ONE Fight Night 9, where he orchestrated a remarkable come-from-behind victory over Thai star Saemapetch Fairtex, propelling himself back into the World Title picture. The night took an intriguing turn when Haggerty delivered a jaw-dropping knockout against the longtime bantamweight Muay Thai kingpin Nong-O Hama, securing the divisional gold.

According to Lobo, the animosity between him and Haggerty started brewing right after his victory over Saemapetch. Haggerty, then the newly crowned World Champion, issued a challenge during a chance encounter at the hotel, setting the stage for a verbal sparring that has only intensified over time.

Their paths crossed again at ONE Fight Night 16, where Haggerty claimed the vacant ONE Bantamweight Kickboxing World Title against Lobo's teammate, Fabricio “Wonder Boy” Andrade. Post-fight, Haggerty once again confronted Lobo, uttering the ominous words, "You're next."

The Brazilian, frustrated by Haggerty's penchant for trash talk, is more motivated than ever to silence him on February 16, expressing, “This confrontation certainly increased my desire to face him. Especially because in the ring, he said I was a nobody. So, I want to show him who I am.”

Acknowledging Haggerty's formidable skills, Lobo remains confident in his ability to exploit weaknesses, emphasizing the Brit's alleged weak chin and suspect defense. Analyzing the World Champion's style, Lobo stated, "He’s very good at hitting, but when it comes to defending himself, protecting himself, he’s not so good.”

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As the date approaches, fans can anticipate an electrifying battle, with Lobo promising to meet Haggerty’s aggression head-on and leave Bangkok with the new bantamweight Muay Thai crown. The Brazilian's prediction? A knockout victory that will undoubtedly solidify his place in the history books of ONE Fight Night.


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