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Elon Musk comes out in support of Conor McGregor

LockerRoom Team
26 February 2024

UFC star Conor McGregor and Elon Musk, two figures from vastly different spheres, found common ground recently over Irish politics. McGregor's growing involvement in Irish affairs piqued Musk's interest when the SpaceX CEO responded to McGregor's call to vote against a referendum reshaping Irish family law.

Musk's succinct agreement with McGregor's tweet, "Conor is right," echoed the Irishman's stance. McGregor's foray into politics expanded beyond the referendum issue, as he vehemently criticized the surge in violent crime in Ireland, advocating for severe punishment for offenders and attributing the rise to increased immigration.

While McGregor faced both criticism and support for his outspoken views, some even floated the idea of him running for president, though McGregor has shown no serious intent. Currently, McGregor seems more focused on his business ventures than MMA, despite ongoing speculation about his fighting future.

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Despite UFC President Dana White's skepticism about McGregor's return to the octagon due to his wealth, McGregor remains vocal about his desire to fight again. Even fellow fighter Alexander Volkanovski highlighted McGregor's need for competition, suggesting a shared sentiment among fighters longing to return to action.


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