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BRAVE CF 74: Journey of Eliezer Kubanza from Obscurity to the Octagon

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Calendar Icon31 August 2023

Hailing from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eliezer Kubanza's life story is one of relentless determination and the absence of handouts. Every step of his journey has been earned through sweat, struggle, and sheer willpower. Now, as he sets his sights on BRAVE CF 74 in Nantes, France, Kubanza is prepared to make a resounding statement on the international stage.

On September 7th, Kubanza will engage in a fierce battle against French fighter Levy Carriel, headlining the main card opener. Both combatants will enter the H Arena with unblemished records, but the impending showdown signifies that one of them will surrender their undefeated status when the cage door closes behind them.

Kubanza burst onto the scene in June, leaving an indelible mark with a spectacular knockout victory over Rayan Atmani. His impressive triumph was sealed within a mere 70 seconds, showcasing his explosive capabilities. While he acknowledges that his upcoming victory might demand a bit more time, Kubanza has no intention of settling for a decision win. His mission is clear: leave an unforgettable impression.

In a recent interview, Eliezer Kubanza laid bare his ambitions, serving as a warning to his fellow super welterweights in the BRAVE Combat Federation. He articulated his stance with unequivocal determination:

"For too long, I've waited—waiting in Africa, pouring my heart and soul into training, pushing myself beyond limits. This journey hasn't been easy, and I won't permit anyone to jeopardize my aspirations, to rob me of my dream of becoming a world champion within this esteemed organization. I promise you this: I'll be the roadblock on your path."

The realm of mixed martial arts remains unpredictable, with an air of uncertainty surrounding what the future holds. Yet, from Eliezer Kubanza's perspective, his fate is predetermined—he envisions himself ascending to the pinnacle as a world champion. His gaze remains unwaveringly fixed on the ultimate prize, the coveted gold that he is committed to securing.

Eliezer Kubanza's narrative encapsulates the epitome of perseverance, embodying the spirit of a true warrior who has navigated obstacles and adversity to reach the global stage of MMA. As the spotlight shines on his upcoming clash, Kubanza's resolve burns brightly, a testament to the unyielding pursuit of his championship dreams.


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