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Eduard Folayang details why Ok Rae Yoon vs. Christian Lee is an exciting fight

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11 August 2022

ONE Championship Lightweight champion Ok Rae Yoon is all set to put his title on the line against Christian Lee at ONE 160. When these two fought the first time, the decision had sparked debates and now, the discussions are expected to be put to bed when these two fight again.

Former champion and Team Lakay star Eduard Folayang believes that there is a sense of excitement around the fight considering what is at stake.

“This fight has a bit of a grudge to it because Ok Rae Yoon wants to prove that he’s really the world champion and Christian Lee wants to prove otherwise because he thinks he got robbed in the last fight. I think this is gonna be interesting, neither of them could finish each other in that first fight,” Folayang said (h/t Sportskeeda).

The Filipino MMA star further went on to detail that The South Korean is deserving of the ONE Lightweight title irrespective of the controversy that came up.

“When he fought [Eddie] Alvarez, he took Alvarez down and he hurt him. So he’s very well-rounded. His ability to defend on the ground and his ability to strike makes him a complete warrior who is deserving to be the ONE lightweight world champion,” Folayang added.

Breaking down the game of Ok Rae Yoon

Detailing further, Folayang praised the training camp of Ok Rae Yoon. He pointed out that Team Mad is one of the most respected MMA teams in South Korea which acts as an advantage for the champion.

“I think if you look at his camp, he’s from one of the most well-respected teams in South Korea which is Team Mad. I think that gives a really big advantage for him. He has fought at a high level in the game. That gives him a lot of exposure with high-level athletes as well,” he said.

He added that Marat Gafurov could not submit Ok Rae Yoon.

“That’s why when he fought Marat he was not submitted. Marat was known for his grappling prowess, and we didn’t know much about Ok Rae Yoon. But Marat couldn’t submit him,” Folayang noted.

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