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Ebanie Bridges blasts fan, defends relationship with Conor McGregor

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Calendar Icon01 April 2024

Australian boxing sensation Ebanie Bridges continues to fend off detractors on social media, staunchly defending her friendship with MMA icon Conor McGregor amid online scrutiny.

The unexpected bond between Bridges and McGregor first emerged when they crossed paths at Katie Taylor's homecoming in May 2023, followed by a reunion at Anthony Joshua's bout against Robert Helenius a few months later. Since then, Bridges has solidified their connection by securing a sponsorship deal with McGregor's beer company, Forged Irish Stout, and enjoying social gatherings at his renowned pub in Dublin.

In a recent incident, Bridges faced criticism in the comment section of a post-fight interview clip following her victory over Shannon O'Connell to retain her IBF female bantamweight title in December 2022. While many fans commended Bridges for her achievements, one individual used the opportunity to disparage her association with McGregor, branding him an "embarrassment."

Responding to the detractor with characteristic resolve, Bridges challenged their perception of McGregor, emphasizing that judgments based solely on online portrayals may not reflect his true character. Refuting the notion of McGregor as an embarrassment, Bridges defended his intelligence, success, and contributions to combat sports.

Despite the online exchange, Bridges remained undeterred, reiterating McGregor's positive impact on her status and highlighting his supportiveness towards fellow fighters. She underscored McGregor's philanthropic efforts within the combat sports community, urging detractors to reconsider their views.

While Bridges confronts online criticism head-on, McGregor typically maintains a composed demeanor, focusing on his professional endeavors. Amid his anticipated return to the octagon after a three-year hiatus, McGregor's comeback against Michael Chandler this summer awaits confirmation from UFC President Dana White.

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Meanwhile, Bridges awaits her next opponent after relinquishing her title to Miyo Yoshida in December, with McGregor standing firmly in her corner as she prepares for her next bout.


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