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Ebanie Bridges looking to repeat World Title success

LockerRoom Team
27 March 2024

Ebanie Bridges, the esteemed boxer hailing from Leeds, recently took to social media to reminisce about her remarkable achievement of becoming a world champion two years ago. With pride in her heart and gratitude for her hometown's unwavering support, Bridges shared her profound sentiments on the unforgettable moment.

"Two years ago I became a world champion, in my beloved city of Leeds. Not much comes close to the feeling of winning a world title. And walking out to such amazing support," Bridges expressed, highlighting the immense significance of the victory.

In her poignant reflection, Bridges emphasized the indelible nature of her championship triumph, asserting, "No one can ever take that away from me. It will be with me forever." She acknowledged the countless sacrifices made on her journey to the top, underscoring that every hardship endured had culminated in that victorious night.

"All the sacrifices (too many to mention) all paid off that night," Bridges recalled, illustrating the arduous path she had traversed to claim the world title. Despite the challenges faced along the way, Bridges expressed her eagerness to relive the exhilarating moment, exclaiming, "I can’t wait to feel that again  and I will  trust me."

A resolute spirit emanated from Bridges' words as she affirmed her unwavering belief in her ability to overcome obstacles and achieve greatness. "I always prove the doubters wrong always have and always will. Cos I believe and that’s why I achieve," Bridges declared, exemplifying her steadfast determination and unyielding perseverance.

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As Bridges looks ahead to the future with determination and ambition, her message resonates as a testament to the power of belief and resilience.


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