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I am a good asset to his brand: Ebanie Bridges on Conor McGregor collaboration

LockerRoom Team
05 September 2023

The Collaboration of Conor McGregor and Ebanie Bridges has already made headlines.

Recently, Australian boxer Ebony Bridges caught the attention of the combat sports community when she announced her collaboration with none other than UFC superstar Conor McGregor for Forged Stout. In a candid interview, Bridges shed light on how this unexpected partnership came to fruition and what it means for her career.

Ebony Bridges, known for her outspoken personality and colorful presence, has been a rising star in the world of women's boxing. Her collaboration with Conor McGregor, a global icon in the world of mixed martial arts, has piqued the interest of fans and pundits alike.

During a recent interview, Bridges shared insights into the genesis of this collaboration:

"Well, obviously, he thought that I'm a good asset to his brand, isn't it? He thinks that Von bonwer can help him push and promote his branding. I think he knows that me and him together do what we do. They just said, 'Hey, you know you're going to fight and, hey, would you want to do a little collab with me?' And I was like, 'Yeah, let's do it,” Bridges said in her interview to iFL TV.

Bridges' collaboration with McGregor underscores her unique appeal and marketability in the world of combat sports. The partnership is a testament to the global reach and influence that both fighters possess. McGregor, known for his ability to sell fights and generate massive pay-per-view numbers, seems to see something special in Bridges that can add value to his brand.

"So now obviously, he's been supporting me for a while now, like my boxing. We've talked for a while, and I think I've already mentioned that. I think he was going to make an appearance tonight, but I'm not sure if he'll make it,” Bridges added.

The collaboration has not only raised eyebrows but also set expectations high for what the future holds for Bridges. Her unique personality, combined with McGregor's star power, promises to create a buzz in both boxing and MMA circles.

McGregor and Bridges come from different worlds within combat sports, but their willingness to collaborate highlights the broader sense of unity that exists among fighters. The partnership demonstrates that combat sports transcend individual disciplines, creating opportunities for athletes to come together and create something special.

As fans eagerly await the fruits of this partnership, one thing is certain: Ebony Bridges and Conor McGregor are poised to make waves in the combat sports landscape, and the world will be watching with anticipation.


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