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Ebanie Bridges Targets Astrid Wett Showdown on Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson card

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Calendar Icon19 March 2024

The boxing world is buzzing with anticipation following Jake Paul's headline-grabbing announcement of his exhibition bout against Mike Tyson, set to take place at Texas' AT&T Stadium on July 20, with Netflix slated to stream the spectacle globally. As excitement mounts for the blockbuster event, attention turns to the undercard matchups, with former IBF bantamweight titleholder Ebanie Bridges throwing her hat into the ring.

In a bold move, Bridges, who has transitioned from YouTuber to professional boxer, took to social media platform X on Monday to issue a direct challenge to Astrid Wett for a showdown on the undercard of Paul vs. Tyson. "Can I beat up Astrid Wett on the undercard of Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson? I mean I'd enjoy it," Bridges wrote, signaling her eagerness to step into the ring once again.

However, Bridges' callout came hot on the heels of Wett's own announcement expressing her desire to secure a spot on the undercard. Surprisingly, Wett set her sights on a rather unexpected opponent, none other than former England and Manchester City midfielder Jill Scott. "I think it's about time I put my gloves back on and call out Jill Scott," Wett proclaimed, envisioning a highly anticipated clash that could captivate audiences and secure a hefty payday for both fighters.

With Wett boasting experience in influencer boxing events, including appearances on the Misfits promotion, and three fights under her belt against content creators and reality stars, her callout of Scott added an intriguing twist to the undercard narrative. "Jill Scott, you know what to do," Wett asserted, invoking the spirit of competition before cheekily referencing Tyson's famous demand to Bob Sapp, "Sign the contract big boy!"

Unfazed by Wett's proposal, Bridges swiftly responded, reaffirming her intent to face off against Wett in the co-main event. "I’d happily beat you up as the co-main on this card… don’t worry about Jill Scott she might be scared but I ain’t let’s go baby £££££," Bridges retorted, setting the stage for a potential clash that promises fireworks and excitement for fans worldwide.

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As the anticipation builds for Paul vs. Tyson and its undercard matchups, the boxing world eagerly awaits the official announcement of the fight card, which is expected to feature thrilling showdowns and unexpected rivalries, including the possibility of Bridges vs. Wett.


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