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Back when Men were Men: Throwback to the coldest lines from Don Frye

LockerRoom Team
28 February 2023

Don Frye is not someone that needs any introduction to the MMA community. The former UFC Champion is as tough as they come and had a professional MMA record of 20-9 to his name with 18 of his wins coming via finishes.

A UFC Hall of Famer, Don had an illustrious career which saw him win the UFC 8 tournament and the UFC Ultimate 1996 Tournament. He was also the UFC 10 Tournament runner-up. Through his career, he has stepped into the ring with some huge names in the MMA Circuit including Ken Shamrock, Mark Coleman, Tank Abbott and Gary Goodridge among others.

After his run in the UFC, he also had some memorable fights in PRIDE. Recently, a video featuring Don had gone viral where he is seen speaking about the good old days of UFC when the sport was brutal to say the least. You can see the quote and the video below.

“I’m Don Frye, the predator, UFC’s two-time World Champion. Back when men were men. Not pretty boy champions who die their hair and god sake paint their toenails.

We would fight all night long. There were no rules, no weight classes or no time limits. Tournament fighting. Your reward for winning a fight was to come back 20 minutes later and fight again.

At the end of the day, you can go to the hospital or you can go to the afterparty. Or if you are tough enough, both,"

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