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David Forster: From Turmoil to Triumph in BRAVE Combat Federation

LockerRoom Team
06 April 2024

In the world of MMA, beyond the flashy skills and bright lights, it's the ability to triumph over adversity that truly stands out. Slovenian fighter David Forster embodies this resilience, having navigated his way from the depths of a broken household to the global spotlight of BRAVE Combat Federation.

Hailing from Ljubljana, Slovenia, sports became a sanctuary for Forster amidst the turmoil of a fractured family life. Displaying exceptional talent as a goalkeeper in football from the tender age of six, his trajectory took an unexpected turn after a chance encounter with a tennis match between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer ignited his passion for the sport. Inspired by Nadal, Forster pursued tennis until financial constraints stemming from his parents' divorce thwarted his dreams of a professional tennis career.

The aftermath of his parents' separation plunged Forster into a period of darkness, marked by weight gain and emotional upheaval. However, determined not to be defined by his circumstances, he reflects, "It was difficult for me; I do not really remember 2-3 years when I was fat. They are just kind of a blur. I think I got over it in high-school, I just kind of accepted it and moved on with my life."

Guided by a supportive physical education teacher in high school, Forster embarked on a journey of self-discovery, realizing the transformative power of hard work and dedication. His path eventually led him to MMA, where he found his calling, drawing inspiration from his life's struggles since childhood. "I have been drawing inspiration from that [struggles in life] since I was nine years old. I feel like anyone can achieve anything with hard work; you just need to put everything you have into it and you can be successful in anything," he asserts.

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Forster's indomitable spirit was on full display during his BRAVE CF debut at BRAVE CF 70, where he faced off against Nemanja Nikolic. In a stunning comeback victory, Forster secured a third-round finish, setting the stage for his journey within the esteemed MMA organization. His tenacity earned him comparisons to a Rocky-like figure within the BRAVE Nation, cementing his status as a fan favorite.

Continuing to defy the odds, Forster delivered another remarkable performance against Mohsen Mohammadseifi at BRAVE CF 79, a bout that earned recognition as the 2023 Fans' Fight of The Year. Now, four months later, Forster is gearing up to showcase his inspirational journey once more at BRAVE Combat Federation. Set to square off against British veteran Chad Griffiths at BRAVE CF 81, Forster finds himself with added motivation as he prepares to fight on home soil in Slovenia, further solidifying his status as a symbol of resilience and triumph within the MMA community.


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