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Daniella Hemsley says that she is not banned, says Wardrobe mishap caused issue

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Calendar Icon21 July 2023

Last weekend's Kingpyn Boxing event witnessed an exhilarating post-fight celebration by Daniella Hemsley that has been the talk of the combat sports community.

Facing Aleksandra Daniel in an exhibition match, Hemsley aimed to secure her first boxing victory after a debut loss to Jully Poca earlier in the year. This time, she turned the tables and secured a well-deserved unanimous decision win. However, it was her exuberant post-fight celebration that stole the headlines.

Overwhelmed with joy and excitement after her victory, the 22-year-old Hemsley pulled up her sports bra, revealing her breasts unintentionally. In a candid statement on her YouTube channel, she explained that her intention was to wear flame nipple stickers for her celebration, as a symbol of being a "girl on fire" after her win. Unfortunately, the stickers got stuck in her bra, leading to an unexpected full exposure.

While some celebrated the moment as empowering, Hemsley's post-fight antics received criticism from notable boxing figures like Matchroom Boxing's Eddie Hearn. On the other hand, other influencer-type boxers showed support for her expression of joy.

“I’m in the dressing room before my fight. I’m stickering up, guys. Like, I actually had flame nipple stickers. I’ll insert them right here [shows image] that I intended to wear. Before my post-fight celebration, I was only gonna pull my top up if I won. With my flames, you know, because ‘girl on fire’ sorts of vibes. I won my fight, I pull my top up and the stickers got stuck in my bra so the whole world saw my t*ts. My t*ts were out to everyone. I mean, I’m sure most of you aren’t complaining.”

However, Kingpyn Boxing, the event's organizers, was not pleased with the brief R-Rated display and issued an apologetic statement.

They stated that Hemsley will "take some time away from boxing," which was misconstrued as a ban from the promotion. Hemsley clarified that she needs a break to heal from injuries, including a suspected broken thumb and elbow, but she is not banned and plans to return to the ring in the winter.

Hemsley's viral celebration has sparked a debate about post-fight conduct in combat sports, with some arguing for a balance between celebration and maintaining the sport's integrity.

While the incident has brought both praise and criticism, Hemsley remains determined to continue her boxing journey and make a strong comeback when she is fully recovered. Her story serves as a reminder that sports can be unpredictable and that athletes, despite their fame, are human and can experience moments that leave lasting impacts on their careers and public perceptions.

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“Which brings me on to say, there is a lot of speculation in the media at the moment about me being banned. Article after article after article. I am not banned from Kingpyn, guys. I have simply decided to take a few weeks off from training, to recover, to recover my body, and I plan on coming back fighting again hopefully in the winter.”

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