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Did you know that the bodyguard of Cristiano Ronaldo is a former MMA Fighter?

LockerRoom Team
08 January 2023

Goncalo Salgado, a former mixed martial artist (MMA) competitor, reportedly serves as Cristiano Ronaldo's personal security guard. The forward is one of the most well-known football players in the world, so it seems sense that he would need first-rate protection to keep himself and his family safe. Salgado is a crucial member of this group.

Salgado is a towering figure at 6-foot-2 and is originally from the town of Seixal, which is close to Lisbon. Salgado participated in the heavyweight class of MMA and had a professional record of seven victories and two defeats.

His first loss was against Zilong Zhao in 2007, after winning his first five fights. Salgado was able to recover by defeating Frederic Sinistra and Akim Asinine, but in 2011 Arsen Abdulkerimov's victory put an end to Salgado's fighting career.

Salgado retired in 2014 after competing in a number of nations, including Italy and South Korea. He has now entered the security field and has been serving as Cristiano Ronaldo's personal security guard. Salgado has extensive training, and his experience as the CEO of the Anthea group, where he has provided security for prominent figures, has given him competence in personal security.

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Sergio and Jorge Ramalheiro are additional security staff that Cristiano Ronaldo has hired in addition to Salgado. The twins formerly worked for the Portuguese police, where they were in charge of guarding senior political figures.

Notably, they took time off from their police work to work for Ronaldo. Sergio and Jorge have expertise in both the military and law enforcement, having served in the army and a special forces unit in Afghanistan, respectively. Cristiano Ronaldo made the decision to bolster his security detail after returning to Manchester United by hiring the Ramalheiro brothers.

At Ronaldo's official introduction as a player for the Saudi Arabian team Al-Nassr, Salgado and the Ramalheiro brothers were also present. The 37-year-contract old's with Manchester United was notably cancelled in December, just before the FIFA World Cup. As a result, he agreed to a hugely lucrative £173 million per season contract in the Middle East.

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Ronaldo's safety is crucial because he is one of the most famous and valuable athletes in the world.


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