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Chael Sonnen blasts Conor McGregor for being drunk on TUF Sets

LockerRoom Team
26 February 2023

Conor McGregor passes through The Ultimate Fighter's home on his way back to the Octagon. The former UFC champion is presently filming season 31 of that show alongside Michael Chandler, whom he will see at a future event.

This week, a video with McGregor allegedly intoxicated outside the residence of the TUF contestants during the show's taping surfaced. In the video, McGregor is seen pouring shots which is expected to be given to the TUF Contestants.

Chael Sonnen, a former UFC title contender, took notice of the video and responded with a video of his own in which he criticised the "Notorious" for his behaviour.

“Drunk Conor McGregor at the TUF house, video slipped out. I’m trusting you guys saw it, he made it. He was leaving the TUF house, stumbling out drunk. He said something, I couldn’t make it out. Getting drunk appears to make Conor really weird. But what do you guys think about that? Does a drunk Conor McGregor stumbling around the TUF set interest you? I’ve never felt that they go hand in hand. Co-mingling sport with some kind of substance abuse, I just think is weird,’ (h/t MMA Mania).

“If you’re gonna be drunk Conor, you shouldn’t be drunk Conor in a mentor position over at the TUF house. They don’t need to see you that way. It doesn’t matter who the guy is, if he’s coaching you, he’s not one of you. What part of that do we see as mentorship? What part do we start to judge Conor and say, ‘Okay, you’re not taking this serious.’ Leadership 101 is not, ‘I come over, put the troops in a tough situation, then hit the door and go to a good one myself,” Sonnen continued.

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