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Conor McGregor opens up about his nude scene in Road House

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Calendar Icon11 March 2024

Conor McGregor, the renowned UFC fighter, aged 35, is set to make his cinematic debut in the highly anticipated 'Road House' remake, which is scheduled to release on Prime Video on March 21. The fighter, who remains unnamed, shared insights about his experience filming the movie during an interview with PEOPLE at the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas.

Reflecting on his role in the film, the fighter expressed both excitement and nerves regarding a particular nude scene, jokingly stating, "I just hope my mother's okay with it. I didn't tell her, I couldn't tell her." Drawing inspiration from legendary actor Arnold Schwarzenegger's early career, he embraced the challenge with confidence, anticipating that the scene would surprise audiences.

The remake of the 1989 classic, which premiered at the Texas festival, features star Jake Gyllenhaal, who underwent an intensive workout and nutritional regimen to prepare for his role as Elwood Dalton. In discussing his own role, the MMA fighter emphasized the personal requirement of channeling his "free spirit," particularly in a scene where he walks naked through the streets.

Despite the physical demands of the role, the fighter described the filmmaking process as "hard work," acknowledging a newfound respect for the craft. His comments coincide with Gyllenhaal's reflections on the challenges of preparing for the film, which required a dedicated team to support his training and nutritional needs.

Gyllenhaal credited his trainer Jason Walsh, chef Paulette Tejeda, and a nutritionist for their invaluable contributions to his preparation, emphasizing the collaborative effort required to achieve the desired results. With meticulous training sessions and careful attention to his diet, Gyllenhaal's portrayal of Elwood Dalton promises to captivate audiences.

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'Road House' also features an ensemble cast, including Jessica Williams, Post Malone, and Daniela Melchior, with Gyllenhaal portraying a former UFC fighter turned bar bouncer. As anticipation builds for the film's release on Prime Video, fans eagerly await the debut of the MMA fighter in his inaugural cinematic role.


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