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Free Conor: Nate Diaz comes out in support for Conor McGregor

LockerRoom Team
18 March 2024

In the world of mixed martial arts, rivalries often take center stage, but sometimes, unexpected gestures of solidarity emerge. Such is the case with the long-standing rivalry between Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor, which has captivated MMA fans for years.

Diaz and McGregor's rivalry is the stuff of legend, marked by two epic fights that rank among the highest-grossing pay-per-view events in MMA history. Since their last bout in 2016, the relationship between the two fighters has seen its ups and downs, with occasional verbal jabs thrown back and forth. However, on this St. Patrick’s Day, Diaz surprised many by extending an olive branch to McGregor, if only for a moment.

Amidst McGregor's public frustrations over his inability to return to the octagon, Diaz voiced his support for the former two-division champion. McGregor recently expressed his disappointment with failed attempts to secure fights, leading to a cycle of disinterest and frustration. It's a sentiment Diaz understands all too well.

In a tweet, Diaz shared his empathy, recalling his own struggles with contractual limitations during his UFC tenure. He wrote, "This was me for years before Conor even got here they want u to die before u get out these contracts it’s up to u to make something pop no one gonna help you but you Free Conor it’s at pattys day in this bitch."

Diaz's message resonates with McGregor's current predicament. Despite McGregor's previous hints at a summer return during International Fight Week, UFC CEO Dana White recently indicated that fans might have to wait until fall at the earliest to see McGregor back in action. McGregor's last fight ended abruptly at UFC 264 when he suffered a leg injury during his trilogy bout with Dustin Poirier.

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While the exact reasons for McGregor's delayed return remain unclear, Diaz's gesture serves as a reminder of the camaraderie that can exist within the MMA community, even amidst fierce rivalries. As fans eagerly await McGregor's comeback, Diaz's unexpected show of support adds a touching twist to their storied history in the sport.


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