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Think about the movies you can make with me: Conor McGregor wants more roles

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Calendar Icon24 March 2024

Former two-division UFC champion Conor McGregor has dipped his toes into the world of acting, making his big-screen debut alongside Jake Gyllenhaal in the Hollywood remake of Road House, which premiered exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on March 21. McGregor's portrayal of the sneering antagonist Knox has garnered positive reviews, marking a promising start to his acting career.

In a recent interview on The MMA Hour, McGregor discussed his experience filming the movie, revealing that his role was initially intended to last only five weeks but expanded as the character evolved. Despite playing an exaggerated version of himself, McGregor emphasized the collaborative nature of the process, stating, "I gave them what they asked and I added my little splash. I am who I am — I'm show business, yeah?"

While McGregor delves into the world of acting, he remains committed to his MMA career. The 35-year-old Irish fighter confirmed that his long-awaited comeback fight against Michael Chandler is set to take place in the summer, although specific details such as the date, rounds, and weight class are yet to be finalized. McGregor hinted at the possibility of a two-fight year in 2024, as he aims to fulfill his remaining obligations under his UFC contract.

However, McGregor's newfound interest in acting poses an intriguing dilemma for the UFC when it comes time to negotiate a new contract. McGregor suggested that his potential in Hollywood could influence future negotiations, noting, "Think about the movies that you can make around me... So I don't know what they're going to come at me with."

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Despite his burgeoning acting career, McGregor assured fans that MMA will always hold a special place in his heart. "The fight game lives within me," he declared, reaffirming his unwavering commitment to the sport that catapulted him to international stardom.

As McGregor embarks on this new chapter in his career, fans eagerly await his return to the Octagon and the continuation of his legacy both inside and outside the cage.


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