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Conor McGregor open to fight YouTube nerds like KSI and Jake Paul in future

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Calendar Icon15 March 2024

Conor McGregor, the charismatic Irish MMA star, is eagerly anticipating his return to the UFC after a hiatus of over two years. McGregor's last bout against Dustin Poirier in July 2021 ended in disappointment as he suffered a leg injury, sidelining him from competition.

With hopes of making a comeback as early as June, McGregor has been eyeing a showdown against former Bellator champion Michael Chandler. The lightweight duo notably served as coaches on the latest season of The Ultimate Fighter, adding fuel to the potential matchup.

Despite McGregor's aspirations for reclaiming UFC gold, he remains open to exploring other opportunities. In a recent interview with SneekPeakTV, McGregor entertained the idea of facing popular influencer boxers such as Logan or Jake Paul, as well as KSI. Acknowledging KSI's popularity in the UK, McGregor expressed interest in a potential bout with him.

Regarding Jake Paul's upcoming fight against Mike Tyson, McGregor didn't hold back, expressing his hope that Tyson would deliver a decisive blow. Reflecting on the YouTube influencers' foray into boxing, McGregor likened their involvement to side jobs, indicating his willingness to engage with them in the ring.

McGregor's intrigue in boxing extends beyond the realm of influencer matchups. Despite his previous loss to Floyd Mayweather in 2017, McGregor has persistently voiced his desire for another boxing venture, even mentioning Manny Pacquiao as a potential opponent earlier this month.

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As McGregor eagerly awaits his return to the octagon, his willingness to explore various combat sports avenues underscores his relentless pursuit of sporting glory and entertainment. Whether it's inside the cage or the ring, McGregor's presence continues to captivate fans worldwide, keeping the MMA and boxing worlds on their toes.


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