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Conor McGregor gives surprise response to hiatus of Israel Adesanya

LockerRoom Team
14 October 2023

In a shocking turn of events, Conor McGregor has entered the MMA spotlight once again, this time firing shots in response to Israel Adesanya's recent announcement of an extended break from the UFC.

Adesanya, also known as 'Izzy,' had revealed on the radio show that he won't be seen inside the octagon for an extended period, citing the toll of multiple fights in a short span. McGregor wasted no time in reacting to the news, expressing his thoughts on the former middleweight champion's hiatus.

"I'm definitely not going to retire because I know me, I'm not leaving like that...I know what I can change in my lifestyle to make my body adapt to where I need to be. So I'm going to heal myself up. You won't see me fight for a long time," Adesanya had stated.

McGregor, known for his flair both inside and outside the cage, took the opportunity to not only support Adesanya but also take a jab at Alexander Volkanovski. The current plan for Volkanovski involves challenging Islam Makhachev for the lightweight championship at UFC 294.

In a direct shot at the featherweight champion, McGregor wrote, "Big glove boxing sparring rounds in an enclosed ring and you are doing Sean in with a hand behind your back, lad. Rest up. And then come back and get that belt back. And volk couldn’t hold my spit bucket."

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McGregor's comment has stirred speculation about a potential matchup against Volkanovski, and fight enthusiasts are now eagerly anticipating next weekend's lightweight title bout at UFC 294. The Irishman appears to be keeping a watchful eye on the proceedings, hinting at a possible clash with the featherweight champion in the near future.


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