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Alcohol and Drugs: Arman Tsarukyan says Khabib above Conor in GOAT list

LockerRoom Team
06 April 2024

Amidst ongoing debates surrounding the greatest of all time (GOAT) in the UFC lightweight division, rising star Arman Tsarukyan has weighed in with his perspective, highlighting the significance of fighters' behavior outside the octagon. Tsarukyan's comments shed light on the contrasting personas of Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov, emphasizing the importance of integrity and moral conduct in determining greatness.

Tsarukyan, speaking to 'Red Corner MMA,' expressed his disdain for McGregor's lifestyle choices and behavior, particularly his penchant for trash-talking and promotion of substances that could potentially harm individuals. He stated, "The way a person acts and who he is as a human being matters... I would not call Conor the greatest despite the fact that he won champion’s title in two weight classes. But as a human being his position is bad. He promotes things that hurt people. Alcohol, marijuana, drugs."

In contrast, Tsarukyan praised Nurmagomedov for his unwavering integrity and professionalism both inside and outside the ring. He commended Nurmagomedov's consistency and authenticity, highlighting how the reigning lightweight champion has remained true to himself despite skyrocketing fame and success. Tsarukyan noted, "Khabib is one of the lightweight greats for sure. For the time being, Khabib is the greatest in our weight class."

The discussion surrounding the GOAT in the UFC lightweight division has intensified in recent years, with Nurmagomedov's retirement reigniting debates over his legacy. While many acknowledge Nurmagomedov's unparalleled dominance and undefeated record, Tsarukyan's remarks underscore the significance of character and values in shaping a fighter's legacy.

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As Tsarukyan prepares to make his mark in the UFC, his insights offer a thought-provoking perspective on what truly defines greatness in the sport of mixed martial arts. With the lightweight division continuing to produce top-tier talent, the ongoing discourse over the GOAT serves as a testament to the division's rich history and enduring legacy.


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