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He is in the doghouse: Colby Covington goes off on unprofessional Khamzat

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Calendar Icon28 March 2023

Colby Covington feels that Khamzat Chimaev is unprofessional. The UFC started talking about the same during his recent interview with Michael Bisping that Khamzat blew his chance at Welterweight.

Khamzat was scheduled to fight Nate Diaz at UFC 279 but he failed to make weight by a huge margin which eventually led to him fighting Kevin Holland instead. Nate Diaz was eventually pitted up against Tony Ferguson in the main event.

Covington noted that it was unprofessional of Khamzat to miss weight by such a huge margin.

“He's so like just puzzled he doesn't know what his life is going he knows he's too big he can't make the way you missed weight by nine pounds you had the easiest fight in the division the UFC was giving you a layup to set this up this mega pay-per-view Blockbuster with me and he couldn't even come within three-four pounds nine pounds over,”

“Mike that's so unprofessional I mean yeah you know the reason he's in the doghouse and you know he's sitting on the sidelines and he's gonna have to go up to the middle way he's not gonna be at welterweight anymore so you know he had a shot but he blew” Covington noted.

Despite the mishap, Khamzat went on to win the fight against Holland via a submission to remain undefeated in his professional MMA career. He has not, however, fought after the fight and has been out of action for six months now.

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Khamzat, when he returns, is expected to fight at Middleweight. He had recently said that he could finish reigning UFC champion Alex Pereira within one minute which further adds to the possibility that he might be done with Welterweight for the time being.

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