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Manipur's Chungreng Koren wins MFN Interim Bantamweight World Title

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Calendar Icon09 March 2024

In an electrifying showdown at Matrix Fight Night 14 (MFN 14) Manipur's Chungreng Koren left fans in awe as he claimed the interim MFN Bantamweight championship with a commanding victory over Mohammed Farhad. The co-main event lived up to its billing, showcasing the sheer skill and determination of both fighters.

From the opening bell, Chungreng Koren displayed his grappling prowess, asserting dominance over his opponent in the first round. Despite Farhad's resilience, Chungreng's strength proved to be the defining factor, as he continued to dictate the pace in the subsequent rounds.

Although Farhad managed to weather the storm, Chungreng's relentless assault on the ground left him struggling to find answers. The turning point came in the fourth round when Chungreng unleashed a barrage of unanswered punches, forcing the referee to intervene and halt the contest. 

With this impressive victory, Chungreng Koren has set his sights on a potential unification bout with current Bantamweight Champion, Pakistan's Uloomi Karim. Interestingly, Karim suffered a knockout loss against Farhad outside the Matrix Fight Night arena, adding an intriguing subplot to the impending showdown. After the fight, Chungreng called for peace in the state of Manipur and called upon the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for support. 

"This is my humble request. Violence is happening in Manipur. It has been almost one year. People are dying and many people are in the relief camps. There is food and water shortage in relief camps. The children are not able to study properly. The future is unclear. Please visit Manipur once and restore peace in Manipur Narendra Modi Ji" he said

Chungreng's ascent to the interim title comes after a string of impressive performances in the MFN arena, where he has secured three consecutive wins, solidifying his status as a force to be reckoned with in the promotion.

Meanwhile, Farhad's promotional debut may not have ended as he hoped, but his vast experience and notable victories, including a knockout win over Uloomi Karim, attest to his formidable skills inside the cage.

As the MFN Bantamweight division braces for a new era, all eyes are now on Chungreng Koren as he prepares to stake his claim as the undisputed champion in a potential showdown with Karim. The stage is set for an epic clash that promises to deliver fireworks inside the octagon.


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