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Anthony Smith explains how Charles Oliveira will beat Islam Makhachev at UFC 280

LockerRoom Team
10 October 2022

The fight between Charles Oliveira and Islam Makhachev has captured the attention of the MMA community. Many fighters have already given their predictions for the fight and now, Anthony Smith has given a breakdown of how Charles Oliveira can outclass the Russian star inside the Octagon.

Smith opened up about the same during his interview with MMA Fighting and noted that he is done doubting Charles Oliveira.

“I think Charles attacks so much and creates so many scrambles and can do that over an entire 25-minute fight if he had to, I think that’s going to nullify at the very least, Islam’s top game and his wrestling and I think Charles Oliveira’s a better striker. I think that he’s more powerful on his feet. I think he finds shots better. I think he attacks the body better. I think he can neutralize the wrestling at the very least. I don’t think he’s going to get controlled,” Smith said.

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He also notes that Charles Oliveira might not be scared of the wrestling game of Islam Makhachev like most of the fighters in the past.

“Everyone Islam has fought, for the most part, has been terrified of his wrestling and his top game. It’s the same thing with Khabib [Nurmagomedov]. When you’re not afraid of that and you have no fear of it at all, I think that takes away some of the power from it,” he added.

Speaking further, Smith added that the relentless attack of Oliveira could give him the win over Makhachev when it matters the most.

“I just think he’s going to attack, attack, attack until he finds something or gets back to his feet and I think he wins striking exchanges. I would not be shocked to see Charles Oliveira get a takedown. It’s not going to be your typical singles and doubles, s*** like that, but I would not be shocked to see him end up on the fence and see him start crawling to some weird clinch and dragging Islam down, tripping him up or something like that. It would not blow me away,” he added.

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When closing, Smith added that Makhachev has not been appropriately tested inside the UFC Octagon.

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