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Chandni Mehra Displays Resilience Despite Loss to Mea Motu

LockerRoom Team
14 December 2023

In a thrilling matchup at Whangārei, New Zealand, Mea Motu successfully defended her IBO super bantamweight world title against India's Chandni Mehra. Motu's home advantage played a pivotal role as her speed and power proved too much for the determined Indian boxer.

Motu's dominance in the ring was evident, with the New Zealand boxer showcasing her prowess and securing victory against Mehra. The home crowd's support undoubtedly fueled Motu's performance, adding to the intensity of the match.

In a parallel bout, Northlander Lani Daniels achieved success by defeating Australia's Desley Robinson for the IBF light heavyweight title with a unanimous decision. The victory marked an emotional homecoming for Daniels, who expressed the significance of the Whangārei event and her excitement to put on a spectacular show.

Despite the loss, Chandni Mehra exhibited grace and resilience in defeat. Commenting on her fight, she stated, "Thank you so much for all your love and support. It has been a blessing. Unfortunately, I could not win this fight. I lost on points due to a shoulder injury, but there is no excuse about it. I will definitely come back stronger and work hard for it. Thanks to all my fans, my parents, to the Grassroot team, to Kamal Mujtaba sir for all the support, I will come back stronger."

Chandni Mehra's commitment to returning stronger reflects the spirit of resilience and determination that defines the world of boxing. As the Whangārei event concludes, the fighters' performances will undoubtedly be remembered, with each athlete leaving their mark in the ring.


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