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BRAVE CF announces broadcast deal with YouTube giants Super Lutas in Brazil

LockerRoom Team
01 August 2022

His Highness Shaikh Khaled bin Hamad Al Khalifa inspired the creation of the BRAVE Combat Federation, which is now known as the fastest-growing MMA organisation in the world after hosting 59 events across 27 nations. And to commemorate the significant figure, the promotion unveiled a ground-breaking collaboration with YouTube powerhouse Super Lutas for the broadcast of events in Brazil.

The agreement aims to give ardent Brazilian fans the opportunity to see the top performers in their own nation as well as throughout the globe with commentary in Brazilian Portuguese.

Brazil was the first foreign destination for the Bahrain-based organisation, back in March 2017, and the group has taken satisfaction in its work there to promote the growth of the sport there since its inception.

Since then, 79 Brazilian competitors have had the opportunity to shine on a global stage in 59 concerts produced by BRAVE Combat Federation, which has visited Brazil three additional times. Four former BRAVE CF world champions have also called this nation their home. Recently, BRAVE CF 60 hosted a string of Brazilian fighters as well. 

What is Super Lutas?

Super Lutas, a daily-updated resource on all things related to combat sports in Brazil and around the world, was founded in 2007. Super Lutas is the main source of news about MMA and boxing in Brazil, with a large following and a wealth of experience.


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