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BRAVE CF 74: Elevating French MMA on the Global Stage

LockerRoom Team
Calendar Icon31 August 2023

Since its inception in 2016, BRAVE Combat Federation has emerged as a transformative force, breathing life into the realm of French mixed martial arts, despite its relatively limited recognition in Europe.

Over the past seven years, BRAVE CF has assumed the mantle of catapulting French fighters onto the international stage, instigating a paradigm shift through the transformative power of MMA across the world.

An organization that now nurtures close to 800 fighters hailing from 83 nations, BRAVE CF is poised to orchestrate a groundbreaking moment for France. On September 7th, a monumental international fight card of unparalleled quality will unfold in Nantes, France.

The much-anticipated BRAVE CF 74 event will bear witness to France's finest athletes colliding with global adversaries, ushering in a historic night of unparalleled action and camaraderie. The resonance of BRAVE CF 74 extends beyond being a mere event; it symbolizes France's 29th role as a host nation for BRAVE Combat Federation, amplifying the promotion's unrivaled global reach.

Only slightly over three years since the French government officially embraced mixed martial arts in January 2020, after persistent advocacy and comprehensive governmental deliberations, BRAVE CF had already been nurturing the sport for numerous French professionals.

Even prior to MMA's formal recognition in France, BRAVE CF had kindled the passion for many French-based athletes. A total of 21 French contenders have graced the BRAVE CF stage, frequently occupying prime spots on the fight cards, with ten events headlined by French talents to date.

Among its accolades, BRAVE CF boasts three France-based champions, including the former Lightweight champion Amin Ayoub, ex-Welterweight champion Abdoul Abdouraguimov, and former Featherweight monarch Elias Boudegzdam, who also represents Algeria. BRAVE CF 74 signifies a new chapter, illuminating the reservoir of talent within France's MMA landscape. This time, the world's gaze will be directed to France itself, marking a monumental milestone in the evolution of mixed martial arts within the country.

As the spotlight shines on BRAVE CF 74, French-based Moroccan fighter Salim El Oussaidi will square off against Lithuania's Pavel Dailidko in a captivating Heavyweight clash. The Super Welterweight division will witness France's Levy Carriel locking horns with the DRC's Eliezer Kubanza, promising a bout poised to be a "Fight of the Night" contender.

Further up the fight card, France's emerging star Axel Sola is set to reenter the BRAVE CF cage, engaging in a Lightweight showdown against Ukraine's Vladyslav Rudniev. Culminating the event, the main event will see Brazil's former Lightweight champion Lucas Martins trading blows with hometown hero Ylies Djiroun in another electrifying 155-pound duel.

The prestigious H Arena in Nantes will serve as the stage for this historic event, presented in partnership with France's eminent organization Hexagone MMA. BRAVE CF 74 epitomizes the manifestation of France's MMA aspirations, a night that promises to etch its legacy into the annals of the sport.


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