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BRAVE CF expansion reaches to Bulgaria: What you need to know

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Calendar Icon23 February 2024

Continuing its strategic expansion into Europe, BRAVE Combat Federation, recognized as the most global MMA organization in the world, is eyeing Bulgaria as a prospective host for one of its mega events.

The president of BRAVE CF, Mohammed Shahid, embarked on a visit to Burgas, Bulgaria, following an invitation extended by Mayor Dimitar Nikolov. This visit signals the city's aspirations to become the latest hub for the rapidly growing mixed martial arts organization.

During the official engagement, Mr. Shahid and Mayor Nikolov engaged in discussions regarding potential collaborations across various sectors including sports, tourism, and business. As part of the itinerary, Mayor Nikolov provided the BRAVE CF delegation with a comprehensive tour of the city's sports facilities and infrastructure, underscoring Burgas's readiness to host a BRAVE CF spectacle in the near future. Mayor Nikolov expressed enthusiasm for joint efforts to actualize this vision, proposing the European summer as an opportune time for the event.

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Renowned as one of Bulgaria's premier cities, Burgas boasts a history of hosting esteemed combat sports events such as K1, laying a solid foundation for the introduction of MMA and BRAVE CF, which could herald a new era of sporting development for both the city and the country at large.

Should the plans materialize, Bulgaria would join the ranks of thirteen other European nations that have previously hosted BRAVE CF shows, with projections indicating that number could rise to fifteen by the end of 2024.

BRAVE CF has already confirmed six events across five European countries, including Slovenia, the Netherlands, Croatia, Germany, and France. Notably, the organization is set to debut in the Netherlands and Croatia, with Bulgaria potentially joining this roster of prestigious host locations, further solidifying BRAVE CF's footprint in the European MMA landscape.


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