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BRAVE CF breaks multiple records with BRAVE CF 82 in Mauritius

LockerRoom Team
23 May 2024

On Saturday, May 11, BRAVE Combat Federation held its inaugural event in Mauritius, marking a significant milestone with BRAVE CF 82 in St. Pierre. The event was headlined by a historic Bantamweight title fight between Nkosi Ndebele and Jose ‘Shorty’ Torres. This bout was notable for being the first-ever trilogy in the organization’s history and the first trilogy in MMA history to occur on three different continents. The significance of this event resonated with fans both locally and internationally, as BRAVE CF 82 set multiple records for the sport, not only in Africa but globally.

With its debut in Mauritius, BRAVE Combat Federation solidified its status as the most-hosted MMA organization worldwide. Mauritius became the 31st nation to host a BRAVE CF event, a record that remains unparalleled in the MMA world. This record will further extend with BRAVE CF 83 scheduled to take place in the Netherlands on May 25, marking the 32nd nation to host a BRAVE CF event.

BRAVE CF 82 also achieved record attendance, with a packed crowd at the Cote d'Or National Sports Complex, setting a new benchmark for combat sports events in Mauritius.

Since its inception in 2016, BRAVE CF has been dedicated to transforming MMA in Africa. BRAVE CF 82 represented another milestone in this mission, being the fourth event held on the African continent by the organization. This commitment to African MMA was further highlighted by the debut of several African fighters at BRAVE CF 82, bringing the total to 76 fighters from 13 different African nations who have competed under the BRAVE CF banner.

Prior to this event, BRAVE CF had hosted events in South Africa and Morocco, making it the first MMA organization to hold events in South, North, and East Africa.

The event's main attraction saw Nkosi Ndebele of South Africa successfully defend his Bantamweight title against his rival, Jose Torres. Ndebele, the first homegrown champion in BRAVE CF history, has spent his entire professional career with the organization.

This historic event sets the stage for BRAVE Combat Federation's remaining schedule in 2024. Next is BRAVE CF 83 in the Netherlands on May 25, followed by seven more events planned for the year, including debuts in Croatia and Bulgaria as part of the 2024 Europe Tour.


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