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BRAVE CF 82: Press Conference set the stage for historic event in Mauritius

LockerRoom Team
06 April 2024

Mauritius is gearing up for a groundbreaking moment in its sporting history as BRAVE Combat Federation prepares to make its debut on May 11, solidifying its position as the sole global MMA organization hosting events on African soil. The anticipation surrounding this milestone was palpable during a press conference held at the Labourdonnais Waterfront in Port-Louis on April 2.

Led by esteemed figures such as Avinash Ramtohul, President of the Mauritius MMA Federation, Giandev Moootia, Chairman of Club Mauritius, and Maubarak Boodhun, Consultant (Former Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Sports), the press conference underscored the transformative impact the forthcoming BRAVE CF event is poised to have on Mauritius' MMA landscape.

Mr. Ramtohul emphasized the pivotal role of the upcoming event in unearthing the latent potential of MMA in Mauritius. "This event will open opportunities for local athletes and inspire them to new heights and shape their MMA careers and achieve the highest-ended MMA development," stated Mr. Ramtohul, echoing the sentiment of hope and aspiration shared by many in the Mauritian MMA community.

Central to the discussion was BRAVE CF's unparalleled ability to provide exposure and opportunities for Mauritian and African fighters alike. By selecting Mauritius as the host country, BRAVE CF not only thrusts the nation into the global MMA spotlight but also injects vitality into its tourism sector, local businesses, and overall economic landscape.

"The BRAVE CF event in Mauritius will bring positive global attention to our country and our business communities due to its high involvement in several international media alliances across the world," remarked Mr. Moootia, highlighting the far-reaching impact of the event beyond the confines of the octagon.

With previous events hosted in South Africa and Morocco, Mauritius is poised to become the third African nation to welcome BRAVE CF, marking a significant milestone in the organization's commitment to providing a global platform for MMA fighters from the continent.

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Mr. Boodhun articulated the unique opportunity presented by hosting such an event in Mauritius, emphasizing its potential to foster unity and national pride. "Very few Mauritians can travel internationally to participate in any internationally high-level sports event. So, bringing the event to Mauritius is a unique opportunity for our people to come and see for themselves what sports can bring. One of those is unity, which is a very important pillar in nation-building," noted Mr. Boodhun, highlighting the broader social implications of sporting endeavors.

Highlighting the caliber of talent represented in BRAVE CF, athletes from 12 African nations have graced the organization's cage, with South Africa's Nkosi Ndebele reigning atop the Bantamweight division as the World Champion. In an exciting announcement, it was revealed that Ndebele's historic trilogy fight against Jose 'Shorty' Torres will headline BRAVE CF 82 in Mauritius.

The impending showdown between Ndebele and Torres promises to be a spectacle of unprecedented proportions, marking the first-ever trilogy fight in the history of BRAVE Combat Federation and the first trilogy in MMA history to span three different continents. As the countdown to BRAVE CF 82 begins, anticipation continues to mount, underscoring the significance of this event for Mauritius and the global MMA community alike.


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