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BRAVE CF 81: Erko Jun and Said Maalem talk about the main event

LockerRoom Team
19 April 2024

In a recent announcement by BRAVE Combat Federation president Mohammed Shahid, the upcoming main event clash between Erko Jun and Mohammed Said Maalem at BRAVE CF 81 is set to determine the next contender for the vacant Light Heavyweight title.

For both fighters, the news serves as a powerful motivator as they gear up for battle in Slovenia on April 20. However, the journey to this pivotal moment has been marked by challenges and sacrifices.

Throughout the rigorous fight camp, both Erko and Said persevered, training tirelessly even during the month of Ramadan in preparation for this monumental showdown.

Their dedication has paid off with the coveted opportunity to vie for the title.

Erko Jun, who impressed with a first-round victory in his BRAVE CF debut at BRAVE CF 70, has been vocal about his championship aspirations within the organization.

"I need to wear that BRAVE CF belt around my waist. I’m aiming for that belt. So, whatever is in my way, I’m coming to take it. I’m even more motivated," said Erko Jun.

Meanwhile, Said Maalem views this bout as a chance to reclaim the World Title he briefly held after BRAVE CF 52. Despite setbacks, including a no contest ruling in his title-winning fight and a loss in a subsequent title bout, Maalem remains resolute in his pursuit of championship glory.

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“The title belongs with me. In Slovenia, victory will be mine and whoever BRAVE CF puts in front of me after that, I’m going through him and getting the title back,” declared Said.

With the fight mere days away, anticipation is at an all-time high as the stakes are raised for the BRAVE CF 81 main event.

Set to unfold at the Hala Tivoli Arena, BRAVE CF 81 marks the beginning of an exhilarating year for the organization, with nine events already slated for 2024. This event kicks off the first of two planned events in Slovenia for the year, promising fans an unforgettable evening of world-class MMA action.


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