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BRAVE CF 74: Mohammed Shahid details why the main event is must-see MMA

LockerRoom Team
31 August 2023

Nantes, France is set to host an exhilarating night of MMA action on September 7, featuring a pivotal main event that promises to steal the spotlight. In a highly anticipated lightweight clash, Ylies Djiroun is poised to seize the opportunity as he steps up on short notice to face the former BRAVE CF lightweight champion, Lucas Martins.

This showdown carries significant implications for both fighters. At 34 years old, Martins secured a triumphant finish against Henrique Marques in his latest BRAVE appearance back in July 2022. However, a series of cancellations has marred his recent record, leaving him with a 1-3 standing in his last four fights. While his tenacity is unquestionable, the challenge has often been stepping into the cage to prove it.

For Djiroun, this isn't merely a chance to participate; it's an opportunity to make a resounding statement. With a 2-1 record under the BRAVE banner, his victory over Olzhas Eskaraev in June showcased his capabilities. However, he recognizes the value of adding a scalp like Martins to his collection. Bolstered by ten submission wins in his professional career, Djiroun poses a formidable threat on the ground.

Mohammed Shahid, instrumental in generating excitement for this event, shared his enthusiasm during a recent episode of Hawk’s Corner. He delved into the captivating storylines that are converging in this collision, further fueling the anticipation among fans.

As the anticipation mounts, Nantes braces itself for a night of MMA brilliance, with Ylies Djiroun and Lucas Martins anchoring the main event. The clash promises to be a defining moment, as both fighters are driven by their respective ambitions to etch their names in the annals of MMA history.

"The main event is the fight that's going to be focused on the mentality of these two athletes. It's not because these two athletes are coming at their peak and they're looking with that hunger of, you know, I am this young guy at the top of my game and I want to go out there and win the fight. This is different."

"These are two veterans in the sport, two guys that have seen everything. They have gone through the ups and downs. The rise, the fall and the rise again. I think that is going to be the theme of this main event. The sad part about this main event, for me, is to look at these two absolute warriors with amazing mentality, and only one story about the rise again can be written on that day."


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