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Jose Torres visits father’s grave after historic title win at BRAVE CF 73

LockerRoom Team
31 August 2023

Earlier this month, Jose Torres achieved the pinnacle of success within the BRAVE Combat Federation. He ascended to the throne of the bantamweight division, a hard-fought conquest realized through a gritty split decision victory over Nkosi Ndebele. This remarkable display not only showcased the unwavering heart that "Shorty" possesses but also marked the culmination of a five-year odyssey that commenced with his debut under the BRAVE banner.

The path Jose Torres navigated was riddled with challenges, a testament to his resilience. Amidst battles with injuries and mental health struggles, one constant remained—the unwavering support of his family. His parents stood as steadfast pillars, propelling him towards excellence. His brother, a paradoxical "good bad role model," left an indelible impact on his journey. Furthermore, the rugged environs of the south side of Chicago infused in him the spirit of a fighter.

However, a somber chapter clouded Torres' narrative in 2019, when tragedy struck with the loss of his father. Less than four years since that heart-wrenching moment, Torres has taken a poignant pilgrimage to his father's resting place, offering a tribute that radiates with his remarkable achievement.

"I have a mixture of emotions. I'm really, really happy I got to bring him the belt, something he always wanted to see. I'm just sad he can't physically be here to cherish it, hold it, hold me, and just enjoy the moment. But, with that being said, a mixture of emotions, and I'm doing well."

"I'm gonna get plenty more belts. There's gonna be another belt on my shoulder, and there's gonna be an epic picture at the end of my career with as many belts as I can possibly have that says I was this many-times world champ. I'm gonna make Canelo jealous! That's my goal."

As Jose Torres stands atop the BRAVE bantamweight division, his journey serves as an embodiment of resilience and heart. The triumph against adversities, supported by his unyielding family, defines him not just as a fighter, but as a testament to human spirit. From the struggles of the south side to the apex of the MMA world, Torres' path is a testament to the unwavering pursuit of greatness and a poignant tribute to those who have shaped his journey.


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